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Do you require hosted telephony?
Hosted telephony is your business telephone system in the cloud. We can provide this is two ways.

1. A wireless option where all your phone calls are routed to a softphone on your desktop/laptop and to an app on your mobile device.

2. A wired solution including handsets and network switch for your phones.
Wireless no handsets (1-5 Users)?
Wired with handsets (1-20 Users?
Do you require Desktop PC's?
We can provide a mixture of both desktop PC's and laptops.
Please use the laptop option and then tell us the complete number of Desktops and Laptops you require when asked.
The Desktops we provide are Lenovo All-In-One's. A network switch is also supplied for a wired solution.
Wireless (1-5 Users)?
Wired (1-20 Users?
Do you require Office 365?
Office 365 has 3 options available.

Business Premium - this includes all Microsoft Office Desktop Applications (including Word, Excel and Outlook), Exchange email online and a host of additional features.

Business Essentials - this includes Exchange email online plus some additional features but does not include Microsoft Office Desktop Applications (includes online versions of Word, Excel and Outlook)

Business Standard - this includes Microsoft Office Desktop applications (including Word, Excel and Outlook) and the only additional features are OneDrive for Business and Office Web Applications
Do you require a printer?
Your printer will be a HP Colour Multi Function Laser Printer (Copy, Scan and Print)
Would you like a domain name and hosting for your company? (24 month contract)
Do you require business broadband?(24 month contract)
The business broadband will be the best available speed in your area provided by TalkTalk Business.

You can now calculate your estimated prices. By clicking the buttons below you will be able to see estimated prices for both a lease/rental agreement where all your hardware will be included in a weekly price (based on an 8%APR, this rate is subject to status and all checks meeting our requirements) and an upfront purchase price where any hardware and direct services will be charged when you make your order.

Upfront Payment: £
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Estimated Equipment Cost: £
Estimated Web Design / Hosting / Marketing Consultation Price: £
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